Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Make Your Own Halloween Zombie Bride Heels!

Ok, so these shoes actually are not made by me, but as soon as I found this image on Google, I had to know how to make these heels at home. And it's easier than I thought! 
Well, first of all you need access to good haberdashery, luckily in Plymouth there is one (opened not long ago and it's my favorite place just after fruits stand). Anyway they have got two different types of red dye - one for clothes - it's dead straight dye which sinks into the fabric and you can iron it afterwards with super hot iron if you want the dye to stay permanent.

But there's also another red dye they have, and this gem is just perfect for making Zombie Bride Heels - it's 3D Dye, which when applied it doesn't sink into the fabric, but stays on top creating sort of dimensional design. This kind of dye is also used for shoes, baseball caps, backpacks, all stiff fabrics and surfaces you can think of! It's only £1.90 for a little jar, and it's enough for few pairs of heels - or other garments!

Now you probably would need white heels you don't use anymore, as this kind of red dye might leave mark, so either use old white heels / pumps or pop into your Primark / TKMaxx or charity shop to grab some simple white heels! You can apply the dye to them straight from the jar using cotton buds or little wooden stick, and leave them aside when you finish until they're completely dry (they would probably need few good hours if not whole day) so as not to smudge them.

Voila! Your own incredibly unique Zombie Bride heels ready to party! Other Zombies will be dead jeallous, we promise!

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