Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Talks of next photoshoot started for good, we were hoping to get it organised in December, but I guess it's not a good time to take another challenge when all you think is to wrap it all up and head home for Christmas Holiday :) So the models and photographers (2nd & 3rd year photography Students at University of Plymouth) will meet for major Winter Shoot in January. Really exciting times, as there's so many individualities with strong vision and theme for the shoot, I do love working with people who have clear ideas and are 'on mission' :)

I am really excited to work with these young students (6 photographers - it's gonna be major!) all of them put their ideas across and gave me fresh looks on what style photos they see for our Scene Clothes collection. It's absolutely amazing to work with new talents, fresh ideas just pop out easily, and it blows my mind what can we do with it :)

Absolutely excited, we'll finally get a chance to produce quality photos for our new Big Baby Scene Jewellery collection, new Living Dead Souls Hoodies, T shirts and Bunny Ears Handbag (which arrived only yesterday!)

There's also chance to do experimental shoot with awesome Plymouth based photographer Philip Trengove and alternative makeup artist Eloise Kerr coming over from London. It might be an extra shoot, just to try new things out, but the vision of having our collection showcased this way is absolutely amazing - and look forward to both shots!

Big thank you goes again to Simon Standing, Head of Photography at University of Plymouth, who once again helped to make it all happen, his help, advice and great will are never to be forgotten, and I look forward to working with him on all my future projects.

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