Friday, 3 December 2010

I get so many different sale calls everyday, maybe 'many' is a strong word, but 3 - 4 a day give me enough headache. Specially when I sit by the desk all day, and phone rings just by my ear. And with number recognition I know it's another lovely sales person (or just pre-recorded message being played), so do not even bother picking up :) They got so clever now, that they do not play the message straight away, they wait few seconds till you say 'hello' or say your greeting. Efficient, polite? Don't think so. I think being sales person has got as much charm as being Greenpeace volunteering on the streets, you just feel like being kicked in 'b&*%s' 1000s times a day...

Sometimes when I'm in town and I see one of those volunteers with unbreakable smile and enthusiasm, standing there all day long in the cold (and it's pretty cold right now in UK!) I stop just to chat and cheer them up, maybe that's my bit for environment? Anyway, I admire these people, I think I would just sit and cry after an hour, and would quit and never go back. These people got nerves of steel, and I heard some Greenpeace volunteer calling his job 'gold mining' - that's cute :) What a spirit!

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