Friday, 4 November 2011

Poizen Industries winter collection is deffinitely here...

We've had busy week in Little Black Cherry, even with Halloween wrapped up warmly in past week, there's always new things that happen in our Delicious Little World. Our days this week could be summed by two words: Paws & Spikes! It's Poizen Industries collection, so so long awaited! It arrived disguised in brown box, but after opening it it was just a happy bundle of hot pink, blue and purple fluffyness... Even blue monster hat has got long ears that turn into monster paws... I love it, and the best part was getting to write descriptions for these items, I sat down with each Monster Hoodie, fluffy Scene Hat and Ear Muffs and came up with most delicious words that could describe them... It's all coming online very soon, and yes, we've finally started talking about the photo shoot too! 

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