Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Ideas and How they are Born...

Christmas is magical, it's this one special time in the whole year, when we just don't want to think of sad depressing things, like homework still not done, neighbours' dog being loud again or that you just can't stop biting your nails... No, even if you're not great fan of Christmas - and that's me this year - you just can't help yourself, but be charmed and swept away by the Christmas lights you see on the streets, or 'Santa Baby' song on the radio... What's so special about it, that we want to be as good as Santa would like us to be? Why we suddenly can't be bothered to be moody with your parents and teachers, but want to feel like Cinderella, bringing goodness to people, hope and believe that good wins over evil (and it really does >.< ).

We browse through items choosing Gifts for Christmas and thinking "my sister would love these Cupcake Cult Fluffy Ear Muffs, they would go with her Monster T-shirt and those purple Skinnies she got on her birthday." Or when we're at toy shop we're thinking what to buy for our cousin, maybe Kawaii cosplay outfit or cute nail art kit? So much to choose, and when you're online, the wide selection is even more overwhelming! That's why we decided to create Christmas Gifts Ideas section online, we'll be shooting Christmas Gift Sets in the studio this week with our lovely festive team and upload them online ready to buy later this week :)))

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