Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #2: Killer Panda Hoodie with Paws

 Poizen Industries are famous for their wicked wicked designs, I absolutely love the sweet little surprises that jump out of nowhere, like stitched heart pockets, super long sleeves with hot pink Panda paws, or my favourite thumb holes :) I love getting their new collection, especially with brand new products, as I'm always curious what they added this time... Even simple things as rainbow and bunny details stitched on the label are so enchanting!
Panda Hoodie with Ears from their last collection won me over in particular with tons of cute features, delicious fabric and so incredibly flattering fit, which is perfect for hiding 'fluffy' tummy :) Cute Killer Panda print also brings attention to chest area (always a winner!) - definitely on top of my list this Christmas, paws down!

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