Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kat's Christmas Pick #3 - All I Want for Christmas is Halloween...

 I absolutely love Christmas and it's magic that wins me over every time, but I have to say my favourite time of year is always Halloween. It's so inspiring, full of creativity, and sinister side of life has always been closer to my heart (as for most people I suppose), therefore Halloween is always something I celebrate more. Maybe it's also that there's less pressure to celebrate it, nobody stands with gun by your nose and say 'Be Merry and spend your last money or else I'll call you Scrooge". But Henry Selick summed it up perfectly in his 'Nightmare Before Christmas' where you could have Christmas in Halloween land :) Also big big thank you goes to VersaEmerge for releasing her very sinister version of 'Santa Baby' this year - it's been  played on my youtube channel more than any other song, and I'm happy I'm not alone in my pursuit of sinister icing on Christmas cake :)

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