Saturday, 26 February 2011

How to Apply and Cut Scene Hair Extensions?

FAQ- Which extensions are best to use?

A: In my opinion any real human hair extensions are good. They're expensive however they look completely real and they don't die as fast as regular extensions. Remember, DO NOT use adhesive on extensions that don't require it, and if you try to dye them they may die out faster. ;)
Now that you now which extensions to use it's time to put those suckers in xD And taught by non other than...Leda Muir!

Lyndsee @ LBC

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pink Zebra Nails - Epic or Fail? Vote now!

We love Pink Zebra, no doubt about it. But is having it all over your nails step too far? Or maybe it's keeping close to your Scene Queen roots? I know I couldn't keep them looking neat for long (biting my nails :< ) but I do love the idea! What do you make of it? Pink Zebra Nails - Epic or Fail? Vote now!

the Summer shoot yesterday went really well, it was Eipc! I rarely enjoy shoots (I don't really know why) but creative juices were just flowing on last one! Well, it's fair to say we had two shoots at the same time, one with Natalie Bayliss and her bad boy Reace, and on the other side of studio Abby Breaux with super sweet candy Scene Girl Kate. Wow, we did have tons of ideas how to style the clothes, and I so loved when we started blowing the balooons and kicking them around for the shots - I think yellow and green baloons go well with Delicious Green Striped Kitty Ears Hoody and Snow Wash Scene Skinny Jeans ;) And Kate was joy to work with, she had massive fake lashes! Loved her look <3 Maggie x

Monday, 21 February 2011

How To Make Your Own Coontails? Watch the Video!

Ive seen alot of questions about coontails both here&on the website. if i were to do my own coontails,id use hair extensions,why? caus' youd have to be extremely lucky for them to come out the way you planned. do you wanna leave the house with gone wrong coontails? probably not(; they dont have to be real either! i think they turned out looking awesome,let me know if this helped anyone! -EFFY♥!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

How to Be a Scene Kid?

Work on your self-confidence. No matter where you are, people will criticize you. There will always be someone who doesn't like you; it's impossible to please everyone. You need to learn to embrace your flaws. It's important to know who you are and what you want. Remember, most people hate because they're jealous or hating makes them feel powerful. Stand out to be confident. Don't ever become scene just to please someone. Also, if you are going to be a scene kid in a place where they are extremely rare, be prepared for the angry glares and discrimination you will get from other people. If you act like it doesn't bother you, people will get over it. However, be careful not to become overconfident. Nobody wants to interact with someone who puts them down or acts like a jerk, but don't let people walk all over you either. You need to know just the right balance.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Scene Hairstyles For Guys - Ideas

Scene kid guys can have some hairstyles of scene kid girls, but if you want to be unique in your hairdo, you can have the block fringe, either short or long side fringe. Sometimes guys prefer to have bangs covering their eyes just like that of the girls.

Use hairspray to create volume to your hair with spike at the back. The sides of the face must be layered as well as at the back. Jet black or white blonde with a few bright streaks are made on the side. You can also have a tip on the side of the fringe at shoulder length then, cut the rest of the hair short.

To have any of the scene hairstyles, you need long hair and styling wax. To attain long-hair looks, it needs some teasing around the scalp. Crazy colors are not really needed for scene kid guys’ hairstyles, but they add up to the bright appearance of your hair.

If you do not want to have a permanent or semi-permanent hair color with punk/emo/rock staple Manic Panic, then, you can have Streekers which is a washable streaking gel.

The good thing about scene kid guys hairstyles is that you can hardly go wrong. If you make an error and your hair falls flat, just tease if off and you’re done. If you cannot get the right texture for your desired look, just apply more hair wax and it is solved.

Scene boys sport hairstyles with proper volume, color and angularity.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Hair is Dead Straight - How Can I make it More Scene?

Hey guys, I am new to this site but really love the scene look. At the moment I have dead straight (almost like Chinese-straight - without being racist-) red hair (dyed) with black underneath with choppy layers.

I used to have a side fringe, which was once thick but then went really thin and ratty, and because it was over my eye, my parents hated it telling me "It'll damage my eyesight". 

People also say that the full fringe suits me, but I had a full fringe when I was 4!. I also REALLY miss my side fringe.
Basically, I have a oval shaped face and want some complimenting colours. I was thinking brown and blonde but my friend said she'd slap me.

Whaddaya say?
p.s - I have brown eyes, if that helps with the hair colours ^-^

- submitted by Josephine

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

aah photos, I am copying the photos from the shoot to send to our models, Twiggy von Lea and Chloe Forbes, wow these files are huge, and it all takes ages :/ But photos look absolutely brill, happy with the results. New Skinny Jeans are arriving tomorrow, and yes, I'm so looking forward to get Hot Pink Scene Skinny Jeans - how can you not love these? Back from all possible spring fashion shows, and brand new Hoodies and Scene Kids T-shirts (some Zombies on horizon) are definitely appearing soon in LBC ;)

Christofer Drew - 10 Facts About Me :)

Christofer Drew - I spell NeverShoutNever as one word only when I

Christofer Drew Ingles alias Never Shout Never is someone LBC always wanted to know more about! He's got awesome voice, cutest smile ever and we adore his lip piercing :) So we were more than happy to digg for some juicy facts about Christofer, and here's what we've found:
  1. My mom used to call me 'dough boy' when I was a kid, because I love bread. I still eat loads of it. I'm vegetarian with vegan tendencies, although it's hard to stick to vegan diet when on the road and dinning in small towns. But I try to eat lots of vegetables.
  2. Home is me... I don't need physical address to know where I belong. I can sit on the sofa wherever, be myself and that's when I feel at home.
  3. I dropped out of school at the age of fifteen... it has caused many problems at home, as well as financial difficulties, but I just felt it was the only right thing to do, I wanted to pursue my carreer as an artist and live by my own rules
  4. People around me keep me going - it kind of blows my mind - all the people I meet on tour and all their positive energy. They love me and I love them.
  5. It's difficult to be looked up to, as I'm not perfect person. I know many people don't approve my addiction to cigarettes, but that's how I am and always will be. I just try to be the best example possible and spread positive energy.
  6. I don't like my pictures being taken... it's true, I always blend in with the crowd after the shows, so it's not me on my own posing :)
  7. I love parks! I always go to the parks and think a lot. Just sit on the bench on my own or with couple of buddies, look at nature and chill.
  8. As of 17th November 2008, the official name of my act is NeverShoutNever. There's no longer exclamation mark at the end, and decided I will spell NeverShoutNever as one word when I'm happy, but three words when I'm not.
  9. I despise word 'hate'. Hate is holding back humanity from it's full potential and I just like love, patience and understanding. Those are the things which will advance humanity.
  10. By the time I was eighteen, I've been touring with Gym Class Heroes, and my act has been featured on MTV Music Awards... Go Christofer Drew!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

how do i convince my parents to let me be scene???!!

ughhh how do i convince my parents to let me be scene???!! im 15 and growing up in a strict christain home.. all my 'rentals do is gripe about how i want to dress is "strange and thats why i dont have a boyfriend cause they think i look weird" they wont let me get my hair done how i want either cause it ruins your hair... they told me my makeup was too dark and looked "sadistic" and that our family isnt about that and they even threw out my best eyeliners..they just dont understand that this is what i feel comfortable dressing like and how i feel most comfortable in my skin?

submitted by Rebekah

Friday, 11 February 2011

playing with photos today, all day long. Uploading extra images on Scene Jewellery and Scene Kids Skinny Jeans products, cropping photos, adjusting lighting, all sweet duties. How quickly day passes when you forget about the world and simply work ;) Ahh, and writing creative and inspiring descriptions, that was the day for that, really creative time. Rest to do tomorrow, email marketing and reading bits (new magazine arrived today, they are relentless!) 

How To Dye Your Hair Yourself?

We all want our hair to look perfect, healthy, shiny and of amazing colour! But colouring your hair at salon can be pricey, specially if you have to do it every few months. You can also do it yourself at home. Dying your hair is not that complicated, just stick to few rules:
  • always wear supplied gloves to protect your hands
  • try not to splash the dye around on bathroom walls and furniture (done it few times myself with dark hair dye - it doesn't come off ... )
  • start from the back of your head, as hair on the front require less dying time
  • apply some small amount to the palm of your hands first, spread it and apply it evenly to your hair, starting at the roots
  • be carefull not to miss a spot
  • remember about hair by your ears and on the forehead - don't forget to apply some hair dye there too :)
  • spread the hair dye to the rest of your hair, massage it through
  • if you've got really short hair, apply hair dye with tooth brush - as with shorter hair you need to be careful to dye it super evenly - they're less forgiving that longer hair :)
  • ask a friend for help, specially one who's got experience in dying hair at home
Good Luck and have fun!

Tip of The Week - How To Make Endless Eye Lashes?

Eye lashes are a veil for your eyes, they add charm, irresistible cuteness and sweet look to your make up! Make them endless with this little tip: with soft soft black eye pencil draw a line inside rim of your upper eyelid! It will make your lashes appear longer - and thicker - at the base! Try it now, but go for soft pencil, to avoid scratching delicate eye rim. 

Saturday, 5 February 2011

New Delicious No Tail Scene Hair Bands

So you've got your Scene Hair in a colour you've dreamed of, after hours of bribing, chores and string of good grades? Now it's time to enjoy and make the most of it! Don't wear it in a pony, with random accessories, you have to crown your victory! No Tail hair accessories are at your service! Big, bold, they will put your hair in the spotlight. 

If your hair is dark as night and delicious as Colombian chocolate, the treats are endless: dreamy and delicious Pale Pink Rose Petal hair band or Scarlett Ruby Rose Hairband. I think these two work best with dark hair, as they bring up the colour and make it irresistible. Made from thick superior quality layered acrylic, you'll be falling in love with these beauties over and over again... 
Pale Pink hair band works best with tan skin, and Scene Girls with superb pale complexion should go for Scarlett Ruby! Make the most of your new hair colour right here and now!  

But what about someone who just dyed hair in shockingly Hot Pink or Orange colour? The red and pink scene hair bands just won't look the same! You need something totally contrasting and screaming: here I am! This hair would be nothing without me! Little Black Cherry is delighted to give your hair real candy treat! Delicious and seductive Jumbo Rose Black Noir Hair band. It's amazingly stunning, you'll treasure it as the best friend ever. Your new hair will desire it from now on, one simple accessory can make such a delicious change! 

These Scene Hairbands are ideal to tame your unruly hair, fringes that are (tad) too short, keep your hair strict in  School, simply perfect!      

Friday, 4 February 2011

oh, this February is so slow, it feels like someone is rewinding the pavement under your feet, when you try to walk, I'm waiting for this month to be so over now :) I know it's only 4th day (another 24 to go) so definitely something to look forward to.. And did I mention - thank you spell checker for reminding me how many typos I make, but I have to say, sometimes you're wrong too :) photoshoot IS definitely a word!

Got first photos from the shoot yesterday, so re-sizing and uploading time, unbelievable, that some of the products had to wait few good months for decent image, damn... More Scene Hoodies and No Tail Jewelry coming up today :)

And I'm on the changing phase, I have made few cosmetic changes to website, and now thinking of sorting out all the Scene Hair and Emo make up articles and dividing them into two different pages, and all that put under 'BLOG'. It would be still part of little black cherry site, but just easier to find. 

Found out there's no point working  on new articles, and then hide them away.. So the blog is definitely coming up soon. Oh, and spell checker, blog is a word too!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February is Official 'Hug a Monster' month!

We all have our monsters, they live in wardrobes, under the bed, or in this little hole behind a sofa. They are not all waiting to jump and scream once you turn. They can be friendly, and only want affection, and a hug, they just don't know how to show it. So next time you see a monster, that looks like he's about to jump and scream, please hug it. It will feel really special, and become your friend forever.

February is official 'Hug a Monster' month!