Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Christofer Drew - 10 Facts About Me :)

Christofer Drew - I spell NeverShoutNever as one word only when I

Christofer Drew Ingles alias Never Shout Never is someone LBC always wanted to know more about! He's got awesome voice, cutest smile ever and we adore his lip piercing :) So we were more than happy to digg for some juicy facts about Christofer, and here's what we've found:
  1. My mom used to call me 'dough boy' when I was a kid, because I love bread. I still eat loads of it. I'm vegetarian with vegan tendencies, although it's hard to stick to vegan diet when on the road and dinning in small towns. But I try to eat lots of vegetables.
  2. Home is me... I don't need physical address to know where I belong. I can sit on the sofa wherever, be myself and that's when I feel at home.
  3. I dropped out of school at the age of fifteen... it has caused many problems at home, as well as financial difficulties, but I just felt it was the only right thing to do, I wanted to pursue my carreer as an artist and live by my own rules
  4. People around me keep me going - it kind of blows my mind - all the people I meet on tour and all their positive energy. They love me and I love them.
  5. It's difficult to be looked up to, as I'm not perfect person. I know many people don't approve my addiction to cigarettes, but that's how I am and always will be. I just try to be the best example possible and spread positive energy.
  6. I don't like my pictures being taken... it's true, I always blend in with the crowd after the shows, so it's not me on my own posing :)
  7. I love parks! I always go to the parks and think a lot. Just sit on the bench on my own or with couple of buddies, look at nature and chill.
  8. As of 17th November 2008, the official name of my act is NeverShoutNever. There's no longer exclamation mark at the end, and decided I will spell NeverShoutNever as one word when I'm happy, but three words when I'm not.
  9. I despise word 'hate'. Hate is holding back humanity from it's full potential and I just like love, patience and understanding. Those are the things which will advance humanity.
  10. By the time I was eighteen, I've been touring with Gym Class Heroes, and my act has been featured on MTV Music Awards... Go Christofer Drew!


  1. i love Chris drew <3 as well as my friend jadi <3

  2. I saw Chris live x) he was so amazing and god damn gorgeous! :D<3

  3. He's got so much sense...I'm deeply influenced by him..He kept me from doing something unneccessary with his music...I will always love and respect him for that.

  4. I love cris not because of his good looks but because of his great music.I have all of his albums too

    1. Sorry I meant to spell Chris

  5. Christofer Drew is a very big role model for me. I am 16 and an aspiring singer, he helped me realize that age doesn't matter when following your dreams. I love him and his music. He has helped me through so much. You can find me on Instagram as @ModernMonster. c:

  6. Hey does christofer drew have sny peircings because I thought he did but I may be misunderstood

  7. Sorrty I meant to say any