Saturday, 26 February 2011

How to Apply and Cut Scene Hair Extensions?

FAQ- Which extensions are best to use?

A: In my opinion any real human hair extensions are good. They're expensive however they look completely real and they don't die as fast as regular extensions. Remember, DO NOT use adhesive on extensions that don't require it, and if you try to dye them they may die out faster. ;)
Now that you now which extensions to use it's time to put those suckers in xD And taught by non other than...Leda Muir!

Lyndsee @ LBC


  1. i just wana steal your braclets tehee ^^

  2. OMG luv it! werd u get them? sally's? cus I cant find the glue!!!!

  3. hehe thanks for your comments! love them too @April <3 xx
    try this site for hair glue @Anonymous:

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