Saturday, 19 February 2011

Scene Hairstyles For Guys - Ideas

Scene kid guys can have some hairstyles of scene kid girls, but if you want to be unique in your hairdo, you can have the block fringe, either short or long side fringe. Sometimes guys prefer to have bangs covering their eyes just like that of the girls.

Use hairspray to create volume to your hair with spike at the back. The sides of the face must be layered as well as at the back. Jet black or white blonde with a few bright streaks are made on the side. You can also have a tip on the side of the fringe at shoulder length then, cut the rest of the hair short.

To have any of the scene hairstyles, you need long hair and styling wax. To attain long-hair looks, it needs some teasing around the scalp. Crazy colors are not really needed for scene kid guys’ hairstyles, but they add up to the bright appearance of your hair.

If you do not want to have a permanent or semi-permanent hair color with punk/emo/rock staple Manic Panic, then, you can have Streekers which is a washable streaking gel.

The good thing about scene kid guys hairstyles is that you can hardly go wrong. If you make an error and your hair falls flat, just tease if off and you’re done. If you cannot get the right texture for your desired look, just apply more hair wax and it is solved.

Scene boys sport hairstyles with proper volume, color and angularity.


  1. What is the name of the guy in the pic???

  2. Stylish and amazing hairstyles.The post is so cute.
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  3. such hair styles do not look cool on boys, if this was a girl then this style would look okay