Friday, 11 February 2011

How To Dye Your Hair Yourself?

We all want our hair to look perfect, healthy, shiny and of amazing colour! But colouring your hair at salon can be pricey, specially if you have to do it every few months. You can also do it yourself at home. Dying your hair is not that complicated, just stick to few rules:
  • always wear supplied gloves to protect your hands
  • try not to splash the dye around on bathroom walls and furniture (done it few times myself with dark hair dye - it doesn't come off ... )
  • start from the back of your head, as hair on the front require less dying time
  • apply some small amount to the palm of your hands first, spread it and apply it evenly to your hair, starting at the roots
  • be carefull not to miss a spot
  • remember about hair by your ears and on the forehead - don't forget to apply some hair dye there too :)
  • spread the hair dye to the rest of your hair, massage it through
  • if you've got really short hair, apply hair dye with tooth brush - as with shorter hair you need to be careful to dye it super evenly - they're less forgiving that longer hair :)
  • ask a friend for help, specially one who's got experience in dying hair at home
Good Luck and have fun!


  1. haha mine flew all over the walls as well... and the mirror...

  2. My BFF and I tried it with killed both of our favorite tee shirts...Make sure you don't leave any fabric in the room at all!...Even hanging up.

  3. Yeahh I dyed my hair dark red and it went all over my white tiles in the kitchen

  4. Lool, I dyed some of my hair purple in my bathroom and then the dye went everywhere and my mate was around and some went in her hair and it was all spotty, when she got home she got screamed at, oops!

  5. Anyone know the best dye to use for blue hair?

  6. hey Taylor, from the research I've done over the past few weeks I would say Special Effects have got the best hair dyes, considering the time they last on hair and also the quality in which they tend to 'fade'. I don't know which blue shade would be the best from my own experience, yet our model Kat used to have wicked blue hair (she changed to fire red now :) ) I will ask her which dye she used - Maggie x

  7. k, well Kat used Directions hair dye in lagoon blue mixed with conditioner to get this shade of blue as in pic below, you might copy and paste the link into your browser to view the image - hope it helps >.<

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'll def keep them in mind :)

  8. I want to dye my dark brown hair to dark cherry red but don't know how to do it. my hair is naturally light to medium brown and last summer i dyed it almost black. now anytime i dye it any color from red to blonde it still is dark on the bottom. what do i do to make the bottom lighter so that the color is even?