Saturday, 5 February 2011

New Delicious No Tail Scene Hair Bands

So you've got your Scene Hair in a colour you've dreamed of, after hours of bribing, chores and string of good grades? Now it's time to enjoy and make the most of it! Don't wear it in a pony, with random accessories, you have to crown your victory! No Tail hair accessories are at your service! Big, bold, they will put your hair in the spotlight. 

If your hair is dark as night and delicious as Colombian chocolate, the treats are endless: dreamy and delicious Pale Pink Rose Petal hair band or Scarlett Ruby Rose Hairband. I think these two work best with dark hair, as they bring up the colour and make it irresistible. Made from thick superior quality layered acrylic, you'll be falling in love with these beauties over and over again... 
Pale Pink hair band works best with tan skin, and Scene Girls with superb pale complexion should go for Scarlett Ruby! Make the most of your new hair colour right here and now!  

But what about someone who just dyed hair in shockingly Hot Pink or Orange colour? The red and pink scene hair bands just won't look the same! You need something totally contrasting and screaming: here I am! This hair would be nothing without me! Little Black Cherry is delighted to give your hair real candy treat! Delicious and seductive Jumbo Rose Black Noir Hair band. It's amazingly stunning, you'll treasure it as the best friend ever. Your new hair will desire it from now on, one simple accessory can make such a delicious change! 

These Scene Hairbands are ideal to tame your unruly hair, fringes that are (tad) too short, keep your hair strict in  School, simply perfect!      

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