Thursday, 24 February 2011

the Summer shoot yesterday went really well, it was Eipc! I rarely enjoy shoots (I don't really know why) but creative juices were just flowing on last one! Well, it's fair to say we had two shoots at the same time, one with Natalie Bayliss and her bad boy Reace, and on the other side of studio Abby Breaux with super sweet candy Scene Girl Kate. Wow, we did have tons of ideas how to style the clothes, and I so loved when we started blowing the balooons and kicking them around for the shots - I think yellow and green baloons go well with Delicious Green Striped Kitty Ears Hoody and Snow Wash Scene Skinny Jeans ;) And Kate was joy to work with, she had massive fake lashes! Loved her look <3 Maggie x

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