Friday, 4 February 2011

oh, this February is so slow, it feels like someone is rewinding the pavement under your feet, when you try to walk, I'm waiting for this month to be so over now :) I know it's only 4th day (another 24 to go) so definitely something to look forward to.. And did I mention - thank you spell checker for reminding me how many typos I make, but I have to say, sometimes you're wrong too :) photoshoot IS definitely a word!

Got first photos from the shoot yesterday, so re-sizing and uploading time, unbelievable, that some of the products had to wait few good months for decent image, damn... More Scene Hoodies and No Tail Jewelry coming up today :)

And I'm on the changing phase, I have made few cosmetic changes to website, and now thinking of sorting out all the Scene Hair and Emo make up articles and dividing them into two different pages, and all that put under 'BLOG'. It would be still part of little black cherry site, but just easier to find. 

Found out there's no point working  on new articles, and then hide them away.. So the blog is definitely coming up soon. Oh, and spell checker, blog is a word too!

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