Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Hair is Dead Straight - How Can I make it More Scene?

Hey guys, I am new to this site but really love the scene look. At the moment I have dead straight (almost like Chinese-straight - without being racist-) red hair (dyed) with black underneath with choppy layers.

I used to have a side fringe, which was once thick but then went really thin and ratty, and because it was over my eye, my parents hated it telling me "It'll damage my eyesight". 

People also say that the full fringe suits me, but I had a full fringe when I was 4!. I also REALLY miss my side fringe.
Basically, I have a oval shaped face and want some complimenting colours. I was thinking brown and blonde but my friend said she'd slap me.

Whaddaya say?
p.s - I have brown eyes, if that helps with the hair colours ^-^

- submitted by Josephine

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  1. Black Hair would go really well in my opinion :)