Friday, 23 March 2012

How To Create Giraffe Nails?

I was having quite a busy morning today, with preparing new Offer for the Cupcake Land, uploading last of the Poizen Industries Hoodie Jackets and putting away the email marketing task for as long as possible... 
Typical day, when I came across this awesome Giraffe Nail image on Facebook, and I absolutely felt head over heels for it... It's really easy to do when you think about it, it's white base coat, one beige stripe along 4 nails with giraffe head on the thumb and also few brown spots, which can be irregular too! It's so effective, but doesn't require special skills, only thin nail art brush, so I thought I will create quick step by step guide How to Create these Giraffe Nails :) Hope you like it!

How to create Giraffe Nails:

you'll need: 

white nail polish as a base
3 shades of beige / brown nail polish (light beige, medium brown and dark brown) 
black nail polish to create Giraffe's nose and eyes (or simply use liquid eyeliner tip!) 
top coat nail polish (clear)


First apply two coats of white nail polish and let it dry completely. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Two coats will give you better coverage too!

When the white nail polish is completely dry (test it by clasping two nails together - they shouldn't be sticky), you can start creating the giraffe's neck and head shape with the lightest beige nail polish. 

This part is really easy: simply create wide horizontal stripe across the 4 nails on which the neck shape will be. Leave bit of white area showing on top and bottom of the nails as in the photo. 
Next create the shape of the giraffe's head on the thumb, you can also add two ears!

Wait till this coat is completely dry too, before applying giraffe's spots with medium brown nail polish. Don't worry about the spots being irregular, the beauty is in the imperfection!
Simply take your nail art brush, tip it in the medium brown nail varnish and apply it over the beige coat. The spots can be round, oval, square, how you like it! 

Don't apply any of this colour to giraffe's head. Instead take the darkest brown and create giraffe's horns and jaw.

Now let it all dry completely. Grab the thin nail brush and apply the last of giraffe's feature: eyes and nose using black nail polish (or if you haven't got one simply use your liquid eyeliner!)

Ufff, you're done! It's really nice and easy to do! 
Also don't forget about the top coat to protect your nails from chipping! 

Now you're ready, complete the look with some cute giraffe print coat (New Look has them! - I'm a proud owner too), brown leggings, cream tank top and beige hoodie jacket! Have fun!

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