Friday, 9 March 2012

Be Cute as a Button - or Learn how to Fake It!

 it's amazing how much we gain when we focus on other people, when we give something not asking for anything in return... and how much we lose when we stay negative, bitchy, angry, even gossiping is quite damaging. I've always had issues with anger, bad attitude and impatience. I've never been one of those popular & successful 'Gossip Girl' sweetie pies. But there you go, you first have to accept yourself and focus on your strengths (mine is ease of meeting new people, it's worse when it comes to keeping good relations), so I try to utilize that skill, by business networking, speaking with new suppliers, 'charming' my way through life :) I imagine myself as this cute Little Deer, and feel like I can do anything - you can't be a bad person with dazzling eyes like that and sweet little pout! So perhaps I'm not as cute as this petite munchkin, people don't have to know that! I can persuade them that I am that cute - wouldn't you say SJP makes it as a day job?

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