Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Criminal Damage Vintage Tshirt with Lockets and Chains Print

 I'm nearly there... I have been uploading new stock online for the last few weeks, and it seemed like never ending story. Luckily now I begin to see the light by the end of a tunnel, ufff... 

While I was putting new Panda T-shirts and Alice Hoodies online, Criminal Damage clothing have arrived yay :) I've decided that could be slightly more important, and the remaining Cupcake Scarf and Feather Wings by Poizen Industries could still wait few more days. 

So it was Criminal Damage turn! It was a wicked task, it's much bigger pleasure to write description of something that is so absolutely adorable and you would wear it yourself :) I loved writing description for new Criminal Damage Skinny Jeans with Pink Lace Details and Vintage Kitten Girl Tshirt with open top back :) Well, I have confession to make, I'm so crazy about open top back shirts lately, I think I might ask my  boss if I can get this Vintage Top myself :)

Anyway, what I'm hoping to do this week is to upload the rest of the Poizen Industries - Black and Pink Feather Wings, Cupcake Scarf and overknee slash socks, and when that's done I'm going to go back to Punky Pins again and finally put up all brand new Rainbow Necklace and cute Deer Necklace online - really can't wait to do it :)

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