Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Which Skinnies type are you? Super Low Rise ultra flattering Skinny Jeans, Second Skin Super Stretchy Skinnies, or do you stick with tried and tested regular rise Classic Black Jeans? If you love experimenting with different looks and colors, follow your heart's desire for Aqua Super Stretchy Low Skinnies, they make any t shirt, hoodie or simple shoes look ultra edgy, fresh and super arty.

Black and White Zebra Ultra Low Rise Skinny Jeans are perfect for giving extra kick for your tired plain tees, hoodies, or if you want to update your look with flip of your fingers! You can not go wrong with pair of these Jeans, try them with Charcoal hoodie, or any other color as long as it's plain - no no to mixing prints!

Black Skinnies are ideal if you are lover of statement tops, and your wardrobe is full of Tshirts exploding with prints, colors and motifs. Perfect if you love Disturbia Punk Tshirts, NewBreed Girl Hippo Tee or Pink Leo Hoodie!

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