Saturday, 14 August 2010

How To Style Curly Hair Scene?

All Scene Girls know hair is very important in Scene look, the bigger the better! When it comes to straight hair, backcombing is great way of getting 'big hair' look, but what about if you've got curly hair? Well, you can use it to your advantage that your hair is naturally poofy and never falls flat! You can straighten only your bangs and top layers, leaving bottom layers au naturale...
After you wash your hair, put some mousse in it - not too much so it doesn't look greasy, just a handfull for mid-length hair should be enough. Plate it while stil damp and leave it overnight. In the morning it will be crinkly but tamed. Then straighten shorter layers and side fringe if you have one. It should give you nice poofy hair at the bottom, which you can leave as it is, or make side ponytail or loose plait. Add some accessories, ie. hair bows, hair bands and jumbo jewellry and you're done!

- submitted by Chloe

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