Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Styling my hair in the morning / afternoon is one thing I really dislike. Maybe not the only one, but something I would easily live without. It's funny sometimes, as I always put (some) effort to looking good - clothes wise - and yet leave my hair as they are after washing. I wished my hair look naturally good after I washed them, but the ends are getting quite thin as the day goes, and I don't even mind the frizz. What frizz - do you think THIS would be my problem? ha ha.

Well, there was the time when I straightened my hair after every wash - maybe reason why I don't like doing it is simply because I have to wash my hair every other day - oh, that's 3 - 4 times a week! Sometimes I have to wash it everyday if my fringe looks odd and I need to go out. But styling my hair so frequently is simply too much too ask. That would be my only wish if I had Golden Fish - please let my hair look always good naturally :) I should just start learning fishing now xxx

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