Thursday, 25 August 2011

Alternative Modelling - Escape To Another World

The modelling industry is like another world, a world of fashion, beauty and everything glamorous! However it can be extremely hard to get into. There's so many different types of modelling, including:
  • Glamour
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Alternative
They all work the same way. I know from my own experience that getting into modelling is not as easy as I thought it would be. I looked into modelling for different reasons, mainly to boost my self-confidence. I've always been shy - so I looked at modelling as the way to make me feel better about myself. I deffinitely think entering modelling industry has lifted my self-confidence! There's many girls who dream of becoming Alternative Model, but don't know where to start, so I thought I'll share few tips with you, and hope you'll find them useful!

Modelling Agencies - what do they do?
Basically a modelling agency represents you to all the companies and people who are currently looking for models. They will put your pictures, info and physical features - along with talent - onto their database. This is also called a portfolio. When somebody from the industry is looking for a model, they search for someone with certain particular look and features they need. The agency will put you forward if they think you're what they're looking for. But not all agencies are genuine though, and it's extremely easy to get caught out, so be careful! 
Make sure you are not paying any money up front, and also let your parents and guardians know about your plans! This is very important, as you will have to take a parent with you, if you're under 16. However - getting an agent is a hard work! I have applied to lots of agencies across UK, and have been declined every time! I have contacted nearly 20 agencies and been unsuccessful. With the modelling industry you have to stay strong and determinedwhen looking for work. You can't back down and give up after being declined once! I carried on searching and finally found modeeling agency I was accepted in!

Being a model has lots of advantages and it gives you a tough shell! You WILL at one point be told you are not good enough, you're too short / tall, underweight / overweight etc! They're looking for a certain look and if you don't have that, they will won't take you on board. But don't let it affect your determination / willingness!
Modelling is a hard job, you have to face battles of competition on regular basis. There are thousands of people who are after the same job as you, and no one has their job guaranteed! It all deopends on what industry requires. 
I absolutely love the whole idea of modelling, there's just something that attracts me :) If this is how you feel towards modelling and fashion industry, you should deffinitely try it! 

So where to start? 
  1. Start taking pictures of yourself! They don't have to be professional and you don't have to spend lot of money. Good quality phone camera can do the trick. Make sure you take pictures that compliment your features - almost as the ones you see in fashion magazines!
  2. Find a friend from school who's also interested in modelling, and you can help each other.
  3. Take photos in natural lighting - it's always most flattering!
  4. Find inspiration, this can be done fashion wise. You don't want to base your look on other model, because there is one there already! Be unique and stay true to yourself, it could be the real you the agency is looking for!
  5. Email internet shops / local photographers and ask them if you could model for them. It helps them out, as well as giving you experience - and photos!
Modelling is so much fun! It is something I find really enjoyable, and learn new things every single day. It's something almost every girl dreams of, and it feels more like a 'hobby' than regular job! If you are interested in modelling, talk to your parents, see what they say and if you get a chance grab it with both hands!
Good Luck everyone! <3

Effy @ LBC

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