Monday, 18 July 2011

3 steps how to look fab when short on time!

3 steps how to look fab when short on time:
  • if you need to leave house just this minute, and can't spend 10mins on doing your hair, simply put elastic hair band on (thin one) and wrap your hair ends around it - it looks so adorable, and it looks like you made really big effort - really try it!
  • if you have no make up on, just apply bit of blusher on your cheeks (it makes huge difference!) and put Black Scene Queen Sunglasses on - they will make you feel like a celeb and no one will see you have no make up!
  • Accessorize! have you ever tried putting colour belt over simple vest and jeans? Try it next time, small accessories can make big difference and change the same familiar outfit big time!

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