Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Create Your Own Designer Skinnies!

You love your favourite Skinnies, but you know them inside out, they've been your best companion for the good part of last few years... Now you are little bored with them, but heart tells you not to throw them away just yet. Here's smart little move you can make to give your Skinnies new life and fresh look. It is extremely unusual, quite brave, but unbelievably bold and catchy. Simply create triangular cut-outs along the legs. They can be placed on the front (as in the photo) or on the side.

To create this look you'll need:

  • flat surface
  • razor blade
  • triangle template for cutouts
  • felt tip pen / marker (non permanent)
  • extra piece of cardboard
  • your skinnies

  1. First prepare your triangular template, it can be small triangle cut from old cardboard box, around 4" long. Put your Jeans on to visualise how to cut them. You can have regular cutouts all along the leg (as in the picture) , or just few irregular peek-a-boo ones :) Place cardboard triangle where you want your cutouts to be and mark area around it with black marker. If you want your cutouts to be smaller further down the leg (as in the photo), simply draw a line only along the top of your triangle template (that way you'll get smaller size cutouts while keeping the same shape)
  2. Now take off your Jeans and place them on flat surface to define the shapes of your cutouts more neatly with marker. 
  3. It is extremely important that you remove your jeans before cutting. This will prevent you from cutting and possibly injuring yourself while trying to cut holes in your jeans.
  4. Place protective cardboard inside each leg before cutting to avoid unnecessary holes in bottom layer. Be carefull when cutting, take your time, and cut carefully along the marked lines. Have fun and be creative!

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