Tuesday, 22 June 2010

As Crunk Core As It Gets?

So what do you think of this fresh new trend - Crunk Core? I'm sure you've seen these Crunk Kids - they insist it's a brand new trend, although in my opinion it's been there since all Scene trend started, and evolved from there...

I talk neon color clothes, printed Hoodies, foil print Tees, Jumbo Diamond Jewelry and shutter shades. I talk BrokeNCYDE. Shutter shades, let's face it, are bit on a rotten side now, as they were popular for a very short time, and quickly the bubble burst, once you could get them for free as promo items. But Neon Color Clothes, clashing prints, designs and firing combinations? Yes, please...

So what do you make of the whole Crunk Core - new trend set to stay or something to forget? Leave a comment!

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